shinywhitebox is a New Zealand based software product development company, specialising in screen recording software for Apple Mac computers.

Founded in early 2006 by Neil Clayton, shinywhitebox has over 140,000 loyal customers throughout the world, with its primary markets being the USA, United Kingdom and Canada.

With a range of easily downloadable products having the end user in mind, shinywhitebox provides outstanding mac software at a reasonable price.

  • Two primary screen recording products, with support for three legacy products.
  • Over 140,000 customers
  • In operation since 2006
  • Headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand
  • Three staff members
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    • Capture, Full Editing & Upload
  • iShowU Instant24 & 58 USD
    What: Fast & easy to use realtime (immediate) screen recorder. capture
    Who: Consumers and Prosumers (see: Advanced Features) wanting an easy to use app that can be used with a simple UI, but still has all the features (and a more in depth/advanced UI) if required.
    iShowU Studio79 USD
    What: Full non-linear easy to use video editor with a focus on screen capture
    Who: Prosumers wanting an easy to use screencasting/editing solution without the learning curve & complexities of a professional NLE

    Premium screen capture software, made easy. Ideal for both the professional and hobbyist who want to create and edit webinars, video blogs, instructional, and support videos.

    iShowU Studio combines screen capture and a full non-linear video editor into one simple to use package.

    • Simultaneously record yourself and your screen to produce engaging videos that really connect with your audience.
    • Easily include other footage, be that from an external camera of existing movie files.
    • Includes a full suite of easy editing tools.
    • Screencasting specific features including: mouse visualization, keyboard visualization
    • Whether you are looking to upload the the web, iDevices, YouTube, or Vimeo. We have got your uploading needs covered!

    "I record gaming videos, I wanted to say how impressed I was. A great UI with incredible render speed!" - Matthew Salt
    "Multiple steps up... it's like going from a Toyota Corolla to a Lexus LS!" -
    • Video Processing Tools
  • Stomp29.95 USD
    What: Batch video compression & transcoding based on QuickTime
    Who: Power users looking for an easy to use video compression suite

    Stomp is a QuickTime based batch video compressor. It is used to recompress existing footage, be that from iShowU or some other application. As long as it's in QuickTime format, Stomp can read and process that footage to any QuickTime compatible output.

    Common uses are to recompress JPEG/ProRes files into H.264, for the web. Alternate uses are to crop out sections of a video or perform color correction via the use of CoreVideo filters

    • Compress multiple video files at once
    • Compatible with all QuickTime video formats
    • Crop video, to create a smaller or more specific version
    • Compress just a section of a longer video (aka: processing based on in/out points)
    • Apply any number and combination of CoreVideo filters / effects (color correction, gamma correction, blur, vignette are some examples)
    • Extract video to individual video frame files (e.g: spit out a bunch of JPEGs)
  • Neil Clayton > Director / Founder
    Neil has been developing software for over 30 years, both personally and professionally. The realization of concepts and ideas into concrete “nice to use” software is a key driving force behind shinywhitebox as a commercial venture. Neil’s focus is on creating and delivering great products for the Mac platform, bringing new products to market, and expanding the customer base at shinywhitebox. Neil is an active technical blogger, and specialises in Objective-C (and a number of Apple specific API’s), Agile processes (notably scrum & TDD), Java Tech (including various open source), Architecture & App Design. Neil has a Masters in Computer Science from Victoria University.
  • Robert Bullen > Customer Support
    Robert grew up in Wellington and lived in the Coromandel for his college life. He has a background in Acting and Directing with a degree in Performing Arts. He is a video producer, enjoys playing music and spending time with his son. When you send a question into shinywhitebox, Robert is the guy answering it!
    If you need customer support contact Rob
Media Contact  > or +64 21 132 1627

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