For the majority of users, One Click Publishing will do all you need at a fraction of the cost of other video hosting platforms. As you can see from the feature list below, OCP will let you host, embed and show your video on multiple different device types.

Vzaar Wistia One Click Publishing
Embed into your own site Yes Yes Yes
No Ads Yes Yes Yes
Flash fallback Yes Yes Yes
iPad / iPod / Apple TV optimized Yes Yes Yes
Embed into your own site Yes Yes Yes
Allows commercial content Yes Yes Yes
High quality (5000kpbs) 1:1 option Max 2048kpbs No1 Yes

1A High Quality 1:1 isn’t provided as a default. Wistia can provide a custom bitrate, but the exact upper limit is not published in their FAQ.

As mentioned above – shinywhitebox is not out to replace hosting platforms. We want to provide an easy way for you to get high quality content online. Oh; and without breaking the bank.

Here’s a comparison of cost, based on the minimum Vzaar / Wistia plans (as of 28th March 2011).

Video hosting price comparison, 6 months of average usage

Pricing Comparison for Video Hosting services

We think you’ll be pleased with the performance / cost benefit of One Click Publishing. For more detailed information regarding pricing, please see our help page on the subject.

How much does it cost?

Short answer? Stuff all. With average usage, you can expect to pay about $1USD per month. If that.

Hosting credits

In order to use the service, you must purchase hosting credits. Hosting credits are consumed in two ways:

1. Storage – You are charged for the amount of data you store per month (on average, calculated daily) at a rate of 24 hosting credits per GB of data stored. e.g: If you store 10GB of data (on average) for one month, you’ll be charged 240 hosting credits.

2. Transfer – Hosting credits are consumed at a rate of 24 credits per GB of transfer. So if use 5GB of data viewing videos, you’ll be charged 120 hosting credits.

Lets say you upload a video 50MB in length. It turns out to be super popular and you have 50 views per day for a couple of weeks. That’s a total of ~ 3.5GB of transfer, or 8.4 hosting credits. In dollar terms that’s just 0.35c (USD). Pretty cheap eh?

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