iShowU, Stomp bundle

Total: $42.00
iShowU StudioOS X Mavericks and up
Video Editing for Mortals
iShowU Studio
Effortless full screen capture with text, annotations and highlights. Includes screen capture, mic & app audio capture, camera capture, mouse highlighting, keyboard animations, awesome pan/zoom and a slick editing interface with built in uploaders to YouTube and Vimeo.

iShowU HD / HD ProOS X 10.8 and up
Realtime screencasting for OS X
iShowU HD
The pinnacle of high speed realtime screen capture. Instantly capture anything on your screen and turn it into a movie. Includes YouTube upload and also captures from video cameras.
iShowU HD Pro
Additional features for pro users: Watermarking, key recording, advanced capture control and compatibility with Final Cut. The "pro" version does it all.
If you've already bought iShowU, you can Upgrade it for less
iShowU ClassicOSX 10.7 and up
The original realtime screencasting app for Mac
The simple and quick solution - iShowU Classic. Can be upgraded to iShowU HD (or HD Pro) later for just the difference in price.
Video compression made easyOSX 10.6 and up
Compress video and make it much smaller on disk, crop, resize or scale with just a couple of clicks. A full selection of Core Image effects.
"iShowU" for iChat - share smaller spaces!OSX 10.6
Send smaller parts of your screen over iChat AV. Chatter is an iChat enhancement that lets you select parts of the screen to send to your buddies. It'll track the mouse or stay still over a single area.
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