iShowU Instant

iShowU Instant

Awesome realtime screen recording for macOS

Record from your screen, and have a video ready as soon as you press the stop button. The standard version of iShowU Instant has all the features most users need. Record your voice with a microphone, capture application audio, output both MOV and MP4 files, choose different movie output sizes, record using timers, record a camera, preview, and share to services like YouTube.

  • Recordings are ready immediately
  • Record microphone & application audio
  • Record the Camera
  • Flexible frame rates & resolutions
  • Share to YouTube, Facebook & many more
  • Realtime Preview
$24 USD
iShowU Instant + Advanced Features

iShowU Instant + Advanced Features

Realtime recording with Pro level features

'Advanced Features' Includes all the features of iShowU Instant and adds more visualization tools, audio compressors / eq and dynamics processors, multi channel audio, iOS recording, image/text watermarking and a built-in video editor. note: can be purchased in-app at any time.

  • Multichannel audio
  • Record iOS devices
  • Audio compressor, Dynamics & Equalizer
  • GIF and PNG output
  • Built in Video Editor
  • Better Visualizations
$39 USD
iShowU Studio 2

iShowU Studio 2

Video editing so simple, it's elegant!

Screen recording and video editing in one package. iShowU Studio 2 focuses more on professional presentations. After recording the screen you can edit out parts that didn't work, add new footage (either more screen footage, or other movie files), insert more audio until you get your message just right. There are tools to draw lines, boxes, arrows and text as well as a variety of transition / fade effects. If you want to add polish to your screen recordings, iShowU Studio 2 is the ticket!

  • Record any screen
  • Add text/titles & other annotations
  • Add other media (images / video)
  • Add additional audio
  • Produce sub-selections as output (smaller clips)
  • Includes transitions
  • Record the camera
  • Record iOS devices
  • Split audio out and remove if you want
  • Produce GIF/PNG 'movie images'
  • Share to YouTube / Vimeo
$79 USD


iShowU Instant + Advanced Features + iShowU Studio 2
$79 USD
  • Get all of our apps for the same price as a single Studio 2 license.



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